SS2017 Collection coming soon!

We are so happy to tell you that the new styles are coming soon! We have been working hard with new manufacturers and a lot of new fabrics. All carefully chosen. With eyes on color, feel, eco-friendliness, durability, wear, wash and so on.

We have totally upgraded on all !

One of our new fabrics are Bamboo. Do you know bamboo?

If not, here are some great sides to it:

*Versatile natural resource

*Eco friendly



*Breathable and thermo regulating

*More absorbent than cotton

And how the fabric feels on the skin... Oh my (!) we can´t wait for you to se, try and feel our new upcoming styles.

We will of course as soon as we have them in our store, put pictures and descriptions here on our website. 

all styles are as usual named after some of the great women in our lives. So get ready to meet:

Vibeke, Tenna, Aviaaja, Ane, Ivinnguak, and many more :) 

Untill then, have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,


Designer / co-owner